Personalise your “IT” dress like no other.

Do you know the feeling when you find something online that is almost perfect?

"I wish this was a maxi dress, or it came with a slit to show some leg or if it comes with a sleeve to hide my arms?"

With Juillet's Atelier, we make every woman's dream come true! Every design, be it a top to a dress now comes with a few options which you can customise into a design that is uniquely yours and fit your body measurement. Let's get personal, shall we?

Pick your favourite style

Look for the “IT” dress in our Atelier section which best describes you.

Customise your “IT” dress according to your height & taste

Get personal by choosing your height to achieve the right length of your dress and select "Customise" to view and select one of 3 styles customisation choices

From the web to your doorstep in 14 days!

Your customised dress is tailored professionally by our in-house expertise and expect it at your door in less than 14 days.